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Finding a candle that was clean and eco-friendly was always more of a challenge than TÜIT Candle Company's CEO, Avette felt it should be. She soon began realizing that many friends and family felt similarly. It wasn't long before it clicked that perhaps her love for candle-making could be more than just a hobby—it could meet growing needs in an environmentally friendly way. 
Using products from all-natural cotton wicks to slowly burning and highly fragrant Coconut Wax, Avette created Tüit (Luxury Organic) Candle Co, boasting a eco-conscious product line
Why Tüit you ask? Simple INTUITION. The Tüit brand name represents the instinctive capacity we all share that relies more heavily on feeling rather than conscious reasoning. By combining a passion for spreading positive energy while encouraging people to trust what they innately possess, Tüit was designed with the intention to fill your atmosphere with the mood that's right for you. 
Whether it's the sweet scent of REVITALIZE to stimulate your body, heart, and mind or the spicy sweet hints of vanilla in EXUBERANT to kickstart your work-week, everyday you can set your own tone. 
With eight transcendent aromas to choose from in her signature collection, your guilt-free EUPHORIC state awaits!